We Met At Acme is a podcast by Lindsey Metselaar about millenial dating in NYC. We live in a generation of suppressing and not expressing. This podcast touches on subjects that we don't talk about, but we all want to know about. We Met At Acme delves into sex, relationships and vulnerability, with some hilarious anecdotes along the way. 


Lindsey Metselaar is a native New-Yorker and CEO of Lindsey's Lunchbox. Lindsey is a food Instagram influencer, with almost 80 thousand following along. After many dating experiences, Lindsey felt it was imperative to create this podcast and shed a light on this touchy subject. 



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Matchmaking is now made easy! Let Lindsey tap into her network so you don't have to tap into yours. We start by offering three set ups for $50 each. 

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